Roof Cleaning

Roof Algae Removal Process

Our roof cleaning process begins with a thorough pre-treatment to loosen dirt and algae, followed by a steam cleaning to ensure a deep and effective clean. Finally, we apply a post-treatment solution to keep algae at bay, providing protection for your roof for 5-7 years. With our comprehensive approach, you can enjoy a clean and algae-free roof for years to come, enhancing both the appearance and longevity of your home.

Homeowners insurance providers sometimes cancel policies due to algae-covered roofs, as the presence of algae can signal neglect, potential roof damage, and create an unsafe surface for people working on the roof. Additionally, homeowners associations (HOAs) may penalize residents for unsightly algae growth, affecting property values and community aesthetics. Regular roof maintenance, including professional cleaning and algae treatment, can help homeowners avoid insurance cancellations and HOA penalties while preserving the integrity and appearance of their home


Homeowners Insurance Requirements

Insurance companies require thorough drone photography of the roof in order to renew the insurance. We take all necessary photos to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your roof has been thoroughly cleaned by. 

We provide a link to you with all the photos that we take of the project which are all time-stamped and geo-tagged. After the project, you’ll be able to forward the link to the photo timeline as well as the invoice to your underwriter or insurance agent for them to review. Out of the 150 roofs we have done this year for SAFECO and other insurance companies, not a single person has not received their renewal!

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Have one of our wizards come out to quote your exterior cleaning project whether it is just a simple window or gutter cleaning, or if you want a full exterior cleaning package. 

If you want the highest quality work from a trustworthy local company, look no further. With tons of integrity and a passion for perfection, we deliver results that exceed expectations. Trust in our expertise to transform your space and leave it sparkling clean.

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